Walk Dogs


What is Walk Dogs?

Walk Dogs is a Move-To-Earn Web3 App with built-in Game-Fi elements, which combines two activities that hold an important part of our lives: walking and earning.
Who would have thought that Walking your NFT Dog could bring revenue?
To start earning you simply need to acquire your own NFT Dog, which could be either Minted or bought on the NFT Marketplace. While being outside with their Dogs users will receive WLD Token. It is an in-game currency that is used for purchases or sales on the NFT Marketplace, earning income and lots of other features which will be added in the near future.
Walk Dogs app allows users to lead a healthy lifestyle while earning income. The App is currently undergoing through a stage of closed beta-testing and soon will be available for everyone in an open beta-testing which you could be a part of!

Our Mission

The aim of our project is to promote a healthy lifestyle among millions of individuals and inspire them to spend more time with their furry friends! We are proud to reveal the potential of what people can achieve nowadays with Web3 technologies by giving them the opportunity to lead an active life and receive nice bonuses along the way!
Last modified 9mo ago